We recruit IT specialists, engineers and other staff for your company. We develop software and advise IT-companies. We hire employees and organize comfortable working space for their effective work.

Recruiting and accounting

We make sure you get effective professionals in you team. You request the necessary competencies and skills of the employee, and we find those who suit your needs.

We take care of all communication, interviews and internship to provide specialists working for the benefit of your business.

Development and testing

We develop software for electronic equipment, servers, cloud services and other areas. We make applications for iOS or Android for mobile control of any equipment via smartphones.

We test software and hardware, providing full report on bugs and failures.

Management and control

We provide complete office infrastructure that meets the needs of the team and business objectives. We control every aspect to ensure continuous working process of your dedicated team.

Support and consulting

In addition to comfort, each employee receives health insurance, accounting services and legal support.

Why work with us?

Here are the top six benefits of our outsourcing services in Ukraine

Сost reduction

Hiring external specialists is a profitable business strategy, where budget optimization is a priority, regardless of the scale. Highly skilled specialists and moderate salaries level made Ukraine a very attractive destination for outsourcing services.


We take care of finding relevant specialists and evaluating their skills. We ensure and organize a smooth workflow. Hiring, retirement or transfer of employees will not require your involvement.


Ukraine is the 5th largest exporter of IT services in the world. 80% of IT specialists speak English, which eliminates the language barrier. In addition, there more cultural similarities between the US or European states and Ukraine than with Asian countries.


We provide developers of any profile: web, soft, mobile apps for Android or IOS and other. You no longer need to hire staff for a short term, having to bear unreasonable spendings.


We become your own HR expert who knows the labor market in Ukraine. We conduct tests, find out qualifications, determine prospects and provide worthy candidates for your company.


We provide regular reports on the work performed. Each service described and explained in detail. You will see where your money goes and what goals are achieved.

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