Don't bother yourself searching for employees and conducting interviews with candidates: just entrust this task to us. We can save you from viewing hundreds of CVs and applications to find the specialists for your business.

Branches of foreign companies entering the new market and firms that are willing to save on the personnel and accounting departments really need this service. You only have to specify the desired skills and competencies of the future employee.

Reasons to switch to outsourcing

  1. You plan to reduce inhouse staff but keep the total number of employees.
  2. You want to start a business without legal registration.
  3. You want to hire a team for a temporary project.
  4. You are urgently looking for a replacement employee.
  5. You want to bypass the limit on the number of staff set by the company.

Thanks to outsourcing, you save on hospital and vacation payments, reduce administrative and accounting expenses. You do not need to formalize employment relationships with the staff, but at the same time you strictly comply with the norms of labor and tax laws.

The main advantage is a quick and effective recruitment of desired professionals. We will find a suitable employee, and you won't have to spend time on incompetent applicants.

Why work with us?

Here are the top six benefits of our outsourcing services in Ukraine

Сost reduction

Hiring external specialists is a profitable business strategy, where budget optimization is a priority, regardless of the scale. Highly skilled specialists and moderate salaries level made Ukraine a very attractive destination for outsourcing services.


We take care of finding relevant specialists and evaluating their skills. We ensure and organize a smooth workflow. Hiring, retirement or transfer of employees will not require your involvement.


Ukraine is the 5th largest exporter of IT services in the world. 80% of IT specialists speak English, which eliminates the language barrier. In addition, there more cultural similarities between the US or European states and Ukraine than with Asian countries.


We provide developers of any profile: web, soft, mobile apps for Android or IOS and other. You no longer need to hire staff for a short term, having to bear unreasonable spendings.


We become your own HR expert who knows the labor market in Ukraine. We conduct tests, find out qualifications, determine prospects and provide worthy candidates for your company.


We provide regular reports on the work performed. Each service described and explained in detail. You will see where your money goes and what goals are achieved.

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